The Brief

To create 4 videos that highlighted select high end pieces from Godrej’s premium furniture line. Each of these pieces were designed by the brand keeping a specific inspiration in mind and a story had to be told to encapsulate that in four unique ways.

The Execution

As the brand was looking for a different way to market their furniture line, we decided to create 4 stop motion videos but with a mixed media approach. Along with designing and creating unique miniature statement sets along with specially crafted pieces for each furniture piece, the team also added CG and motion graphics to enhance the final output.

The Challenge

The challenge was that all four videos had to tell a story but the storytelling style had to be different so using stop motion in the traditional sense wouldn’t be enough to break the mould.

The Result

The four videos created were able to tell their own abstract stories as well as tie in the inspiration behind them seamlessly in an engaging and new style of video production.