The Brief

To create an experience for the Bacardi stall at the NH7 Weekender Music Festival that would attract and entertain the large crowds gathered there.

The Execution

We needed to garner attention to the Bacardi stall, and considering the massive crowds attending the music festival, the experience had to be worth the wait time. We created a four-seater VR rollercoaster experienced on hydraulic chairs to represent the seating arrangement of an actual rollercoaster.

Our experience would not only provide an adrenaline rush to users, but do so in an elaborately created VR environment, designed specifically to replicate the actual layout of the NH7 Weekender venue.

For recreating the expansive grounds, where the festival was scheduled to take place, we used Photogrammetry Mapping captured by drones. This data was carefully detailed out on an expansive scale across a layout that featured many stages spread across the area.

The rollercoaster was programmed to take the viewers through twists, turns and drops that felt very similar to being on an actual roller coaster and the experience itself featured bright colors and flashing lights that mimicked a live stage concert. As the rollercoaster moved past the designated stages where artists would perform, users were able to hear music that was specific to the actual concert lineup.

The Result

The Bacardi stall attracted a great deal of interest from festival goers at the event and people waited in queues that went on for hours to experience it.