The Brief

JCB India wanted to showcase the use of technology in their products through an innovative display of interactions at EXCON 2017, Asia’s largest exhibition in Construction.

Our Approach

We wanted the interactions to display brand information in a distinct manner as well as ensure a complete personal interactive experience with the users. For this particular project, we developed an Interactive Touch Wall and a Remote Slider. The Remote Slider consisted of specific segments containing brand information that could be selected by users with a tablet and using the controls provided, the slider screen would fluidly move to the area selected and this would further initiate related videos to commence. We created the Touch Wall in a way that would engage users by enabling them to interact with uniquely designed illustrations that had touch points around them, which once interacted with, would trigger animation and videos to play out around it.

The Result

JCB was able to educate its customers on their machines, processes and achievements in a unique and seamless way. The interactions were simple to use, engaging and drew in the crowds visiting the exhibition adding massive value to the event.