The Brief

To create a digital ad for Nivea Men’s Body Deodorizer that highlighted a quirky explanation on why first bumps, waves and high fives were first created.

The Challenge

Multiple elaborate sequences that encapsulated different eras through history, starting from Adam and Eve and ending at the current time period had to be created. The different segments had to be treated and planned separately without losing the smooth storytelling style needed to tie it all together.

Our Approach

As the requirement included multiple sequences that varied extensively in look and feel, the planning and treatment for each was handled separately by different team members keeping in mind the need for high quality output and quick turnaround. Designated teams handled pre-production, design and execution while remaining in sync with the overall storytelling style.

The Result

The video surpassed expectations, attracting over five million views and trending on a number of social media platforms. It also won a number of awards and made waves in the advertising space.


Campaign India Digital Crest : Gold

Kyoorius: Baby Elephant

Won an leader certificate at DMA Asia 2016

Won best Benchmark Content/Branded Content at Jagran Indian Digital Media Awards 2016 : Bronze

Won the Digital Crest award