The Brief

Mr. Alessandro Del Piero, the Italian football legend and Vespa brand ambassador, was scheduled to visit India to unveil a new lineup of scooters launching in India. We were asked to make a digital film in addition to the launch event.

The Challenge

Due to the duration and purpose of Mr. Del Piero’s visit, we were given a limited amount of time to create the final output with an added challenge of same day release.

The Execution

We took an empty space and redesigned it to be an expansive art studio. This required a strict pre-production schedule, careful planning and a synchronized team effort that accounted for every minute of the time given.

The Result

We ended up creating a high octane and impactful ad that showcased the football legend in a unique way with the completed objective of creating a finished product all within a span of twenty four hours. The video achieved high viewership within the first few hours of its release and gained momentum steadily after that.