The Brief

Tata Motors wanted to give its visitors at the 12th Auto Expo, a memorable and unique visual experience that would draw in crowds and get the buzz going. The requirement was to create high quality videos that would tell a story through next generation graphics on a large LED display that would wrap around the entirety of the expansive stall where they would feature their cars.

Our Challenge

Considering the sheer size and magnitude of the display, along with the added factor that the LED screen would be installed all around the area sectioned out for the expo, the challenge lying ahead of the team was not a small one. The team had to create visual imagery that was powerful and depicted exactly what the brand wanted to say in an interesting storytelling format.

The Execution

The team got to work creating a number of carefully planned segments, each of which had it’s own theme. Despite the vastly differing elements, each segment had to transition seamlessly into the next using different visual and audio assets in order to create an experience that would stand apart from the rest.

The Result

We were able to successfully create a visual story that was able to engage visitors at the stall, draw them in and fully showcase the story that the brand wanted to tell considering the competitive platform.